Thursday, November 21, 2019

Marketing influences Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Marketing influences - Essay Example Color of the commodity is based on an individual’s preference of some specific range of colors. I at one time bought a television set which was manufactured by Samsung and it was painted black. I was attracted to this product due to the fact that I have had an inner belief that products from Samsung are the best in terms of electronic products. Price determines the purchasing power of an individual. Prices of commodities tends to vary depending on their qualities, design, level of competition in the market and quantity of the goods bought (Hoyer,, 2013). If the quality is regarded to be low, the price will tend to be low, stiff competition in the market will guarantee low prices and low number of items to be bought will tend to increase the price and the reverse is true in each of the case. I was influenced by the low price of a glass table that did not have high quality. It did not last for a long time as after a period of two months, it broke down. I then learnt that cheap items are indeed very expensive in the long run. Promotion is a marketing strategy that is used to create awareness of a particular product so that it can gain popularity among them. Products that are under promotion have low prices so as to enable many consumers to have a first-hand experience on the products (Lamb,, 2012). This is aimed at encouraging them to consider using the product in the future period thus developing strong marketing base for the product. I recently bought a mobile phone that was on promotion. The price was low and the quality was good. However, I discovered that it was restricted to only one mobile phone service provider that was doing the promotion. That marks one of the limitations of items bought while they are on promotion. The place in which a commodity is located will influence its marketing abilities. In places that are remote and not easily accessible, commodities will be sold at a high price due to the high cost incurred in

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